1. Quarter 2011

  • The Automotive Supplier Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec (SMR) visits QSO Technologies and IIIT-B in Bangalore
  • Test go-live of t&c at ADM data center in the Netherlands
  • Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) on SOA and Eclipse-RCP based Client technologies
  • QSO Technologies builds up expertise and capacities in Business Analytics

2. Quarter 2011

  • QSO Technologies participates in the acatech GRIP IT workshop on Smart Cities and Energy at IISc, Bangalore
  • Dr. Roland Haas visits Delhi for the inaugural concert of the German-Indian Year
  • The Director of IIITB, Prof. Sadagopan, and Dr. Roland Haas visit IIIT-B’s cooperation partners in Germany
  • Prof. Sadagopan and Dr. Roland Haas speak at the Colloquium “R&D Landscape in India and Germany” organized by Lemgo University of Applied Sciences

3. Quarter 2011

  • Several graduates of IIITB’s 2011 batch join QSO Technologies
  • QSO Technologies starts Technology Monitoring/Business Analytics activities in Active Safety and Telematics for Automotive Suppliers and OEMs
  • Dr. Roland Haas conducts Mechatronics Class with focus on Automotive Applications at IIIT-B

4. Quarter 2011

  • Airbus Senior VP and CTO Axel Krein visits QSO Technologies
  • QSO Technologies meets a delegation from MBTech to discuss topics in Automotive Electronics
  • Shainin and QSO Technologies intensify their cooperation in the field of IT Consulting
  • QSO Technologies organizes workshops on IT offshoring best practices